Tuesday, May 8, 2012

05-28-11 Valodosta, GA

Lynda and I went to Wild Adventures with Rick and his family for a day of fun and a concert later in the evening.
Neil loves the roller coaster.
G-Ma and Savannah Lee on the Merry-Go-Round.
Savannah Lee looking for some attention.
Papa gets some quality time with Savannah Lee.
After waiting all day, Foreigner takes the stage.
They are really a great band with a slew of top 10 hits.
Neil is all wrapped up.
Lori, Rick and Auburn enjoying the concert.
Melina with friend.
Rock and roll!
Talking to the audience between songs.
Everybody clap your hands!
A little saxophone to help on this one.
The band brought up a local choir to help on a song they were performing.
And, up for an encore.

Monday, May 7, 2012

05-21-11 Tallahassee, FL

It's the annual Hannah Bergstrom School of Dance recital and Miss Hannah is the Master of Ceremonies.
Our granddaughter, Emily with her hip hop class.
She's got the "smooth moves".
We just might see her in a music video any day now!
Oh yeah.
Our other granddaughter that dances, Auburn, with her jazz class.
Nothing like a little exercise.
Hmm....not exactly the Rockettes.
More exercise.

 What form!

Now, Emily is back up with her ballet class.
Classic pose.
So polished.
Taking her turn with the fabric.
Supporting her other dancers.
A finish pose.
Who could that be running the sound system?
Miss Hannah and some of her teachers finish the show.
This is a tap routine.
You can tell she really loves dancing.
About to......
The entire cast out to take a......
Ryan brings out flowers for his mother.
Emily brings out a bouquet.
One of the instructors is wondering where his bouquet is?
 Little Mike lets him know emphatically that the flowers only go to the girls!
Auburn and Emily.

05-17-11 Bloomingtom, MN

 The day we are to return to Tallahassee, we made one more stop to Fort Snelling.
 My Uncle Mel who was career Army.
 My Uncle Hjalmer, who was assigned to the Seebees while in the Navy.
 My Aunt Violet.
 Then we went to lunch with my cousin Gloria and her sister-in-law from California.
 We ate at Matt's....home of the 'Juicy Lucy' hamburger.
We met my cousin Tina and her best friend to eat some of the best hamburgers you'll ever eat!